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At Tannery Drift we a strive to develop human creativity so that pupils are engaged, inspired and challenged. We give children the knowledge and skills so they can experiment, invent and create using a wide range of materials and techniques. They experience a creative and varied curriculum through both classroom investigation as well as whole school celebration.

We offer progressive skill-based teaching but also ‘in the moment’ reactions to internal and external stimuli enabling children to develop skills in painting, drawing, textiles, collage, 3D form; as well as the confidence to become bold artists who will take risks in experimenting with materials in innovative ways, on individual and collaborative projects.

We aim to foster young artist, who take inspiration from different artists found now and, in the past, as well as from the rainbow of the world’s varied cultures. We want children to enjoy the experience and freedom to express themselves; overcome difficulties and to celebrate their achievements, being able to evaluate, question and make thoughtful observations.